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in-womb-learning-flowerStart developing your baby's inner ear and pitch through interval recognition and repetition

"From their very first days, newborns’ cries already bear the mark of language their parents speak, reveals a new study published online in CURRENT BIOLOGY.  The findings suggest that infants begin picking up elements of what will be their first language in the womb, and certainly long before the first babble or coo."
--- from Babies’ Language Learning Starts from the Womb in the November 5, 2009 issue of Science News

"Previous studies indicate that the fetus seems to remember musical rhythms"
--- from Language Learning Begins in Utero, Study Finds, by Patricia Kuhl

"Life in the womb is extremely active and interactive and the womb is, in fact, a classroom"
--- from Prenatal Memory and Learning, by David B. Chamberlain

"Hearing is one of the first senses to develop. As early as 16 weeks gestation, a developing fetus begins to perceive the world outside the womb"
--- from Probing Question: Can babies learn in utero, by Adam Eshleman