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Meet Coach Robert


A Message From Coach Robert Hoefer

"For more than 17 years, I've trained aspiring vocalists in improving their ear and pitch by using similar scale patterns and vocal exercises. I have witnessed unbelievable improvements in all students and contribute their development to their consistent and diligent use of my workout CD. Now, by utilizing this, you can give your child the gift of perfect pitch."

Vocal Coach Robert Hoefer
President and CEO
Pitch Doctors, LLC
SC Institute for Vocal Training

For almost two decades, Coach Robert Hoefer has committed himself to developing and implementing a vocal improvement curriculum that would provide his students more full-scale development. He focused not just on finger placement or note identification but also on a more useful and gratifying professional, vocal-enhancing experience. His method is based on the previous teaching and learning philosophies set by Dr. Arpad Darazs and his colleagues, known as the Kodaly Method after Zoltan Kodaly.


At the young age of 17, Robert signed a recording and distribution contract with Motown Records. His many achievements include performing alongside music greats such as the Manhattans, The Chi-Lites, Peoples Choice, The Gap Band, SOS Band, Midnight Star, The Bar-Kays, Con Funk Shun, and Cameo. Coach Robert is also an accomplished bass guitarist. In 1981, Coach Robert signed yet another recording and distribution deal with Polygram Records. Then, with a desire for less travel and more family time, Coach Robert settled in the Upstate.

Coach Robert still performs regularly, while sharing his knowledge as Coach Robert and making important contributions to the community.  

Read some testimonials:

"You have inspired me to reach for my dreams and I am working very hard towards my goal... You probably don't realize what a big influence you have had on me."
--- Lisa L.

"I want to thank Coach Robert for working with Wolf. Coach: the Wolfgang you met and the Wolfgang that went on stage were two very different ones, and it was thanks to your coaching and patience..."
--- Ivonne S.