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What Is In-Womb Learning?

Pitch Doctors presents Voice Lessons for Your Baby

cd-coverCoach Robert realized that there are specific areas that need mastery if one is to achieve total vocal performance excellence. The most essential of these is ear and pitch development; a skill that is best developed if introduced at an early age.

In 2007, Coach Robert fathered his second child and decided to prove his notion by having his wife expose their unborn daughter, Farron, to his "voice lessons" CD, which introduced her to specific musical modulations and patterns in utero. To his delight, their daughter was born with the ability to verbalize (by mostly crying, as babies do) in perfect intervals relating to pitch - her cry was an actual major scale - or she would cry in perfect octaves!

Coach Robert now offers his proven program to expectant parents everywhere to help give the gift of perfect pitch development to their babies.


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Results and Benefits of Scale Patterns

  • All music mastery begins by understanding and recognizing scales.
  • Scale patterns teach sound movement as well as interval recognition. The pentatonic scale, for example, is comprised of the first five steps in the major scale and strongly familiarizes the child with the formula whole step, whole step, half step, whole step, i.e. half of the major scale.  Rhythm and timing are also introduced at this early age as each interval is designed in accordance to a specific and well-defined quarter note cadence.
  • The scale patterns help also to better grasp music theory and instrument play. The child hears and picks up the intervals and soon learns to duplicate by ear.